Friday, March 30, 2012

What's hers is his

Today we went to see Son in his house in Perth. Last weekend, he took possession of quite a lot of my mother's furniture (with her consent!) and we took her up to see it in its new home. It was rather weird to see it all, but it fits into his house rather well.
Daughter 1 and Grandson came with us. Here he is, about to have his lunch out.
After lunch we went for a walk along beside the River Tay.
We chose a nice house for Son to live in when he wins the lottery.
Here you see my mother's (now Son's) armchair and her/his dining table and chairs. And Son teaching Grandson how to be silly.
Mum and Grandson sit on her/Son's sofa and commune.
Do you like Grandson's sunhat?
Then we came home. Son's now on night duty in the paediatric wards so think of him as you turn over in your comfortable bed. I do. I wake up and imagine him tending the children of Dundee and district in the middle of the night. I want to go and tuck him into bed.


  1. I'm sure your mum is delighted to see her furniture put to such good use!

    Grandson just gets more adorable with each post.....Learning to be silly is a very important part of growing up. Good he has such an experienced teacher!

  2. Oh Isabelle. That last line brought tears to my eyes. I remember when TheFirstChild took us on a tour of his cadaver lab -- I just wanted to grab him out of there and take him back to his room at home. They see and learn things about humans that we spent their whole lives keeping from them.

    I hope your Mum had a good visit in Perth -- it must be difficult for her. And I'm with Molly -- that cute little Grandson just gets cuter by the post!

  3. How lovely to find such a good home for your mother's furniture.
    Grandson looks just about ready to order his own meal!

  4. I agree with the others. NJ is looking so cute and very grown up.
    I have an ex school friend who lives in Dundee. She works at a lab ( or used to not sure she still does )where they do cancer research. She used to run a B & B too.
    Thanks for the photo of the cloth. It's really lovely - a family treasure surely.
    Who does GS look most like?

  5. Grandson looks like Son as a baby. I think.