Monday, March 05, 2012

Pom POM, pom

Mr Life and I went to the Botanics this afternoon and strolled around in a retired sort of way. The daffodils were very pretty.
As were the hellebores.
And the camellias.
And here's pretty Mr Life in front of some rhododendrons.
Then we came home and he sat at his miniature railway workbench to ... not very sure ... make little holes in bits of plastic, or at least that's what he was doing when I took the picture.
And so another day passed. Oh, and I did quite a bit of piano practice (well, several lots of ten minutes) because my lesson is tomorrow. My teacher told me last week to practise my ragtime pieces of music and "make them into party pieces". Hmm. Not sure I'd invite anyone to this party, but I'm improving.


  1. Pink becomes him!

  2. You're so funny! I'm looking forward to someday hearing your piano party -- and you don't even have to practice for me. Hey! Maybe we could play chopsticks! We could practice a duet and then play it together. Do you think your half would have a Scottish accent???

  3. I try to play a bit each day, like you, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there, and then the cat comes to play with the lamp on the piano and I have to quit. I'm sure someday she'll burn her whiskers off.

  4. "in a retired sort of way".... hysterical! 8-)

  5. Please can we see Mr Life`s train set one day? Mr DW would be very interested :-)

    Lovely spring flowers in the Botanical Gardens. No rhodedendrons out here yet.