Thursday, March 01, 2012

Wolfgang Amadeus Life

Yes, I realise that this post has far too many almost identical pictures of Grandson, but I couldn't decide between them and anyway, the Other Grandparents (hello!) like to read this blog. They do so not to admire my prose style or my photos of crocuses but to see pictures of this little chap. Like us, they are his devoted fans. In the photo above, you can see him ignoring the many rattles on which I have squandered my meagre pension and instead playing with the plastic bowl from a mini Christmas pudding.
He also likes his shoes and has ambitions to eat them.
This is a favourite toy. When his mum was a baby, she liked chewing the telephone cord and for some reason now forgotten, we got the cord replaced (possibly because she chewed it) and I rescued this bit. Amazingly, we still have it. (Actually it's not amazing at all because with great foresight and a certain amount of indolence, I've failed to get rid of lots of the children's toys, hoping that I'd one day have grandchildren to play with them.)
And now he's got one of those plastic shapes, some of which you'll see in the pink bowl at his feet (another Christmas pudding leftover - does this family do nothing but eat supermarket pudding?). These shapes also used to belong to our children.
One day I will possibly regret revealing to him that you can make a noise on a piano.
(I wonder how long it'll be before he's better at playing it than I am? At the moment, this is not the case.)


  1. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Yes, at some point, for a very short time, you will regret the piano. However then if you put you camera on a slow exposure 1/60) and put it on a very stable surface, you will get this great picture of wildly flailing hand and arms.

  2. Could be worse, he might want to play the violin when he's older - in which case stock up on earplugs! Thankfully, our daughter took to the flute which only painful for a short while at the beginning!
    Last baby visitor we had enjoyed himself no end with husband's two manual and pedal board electric organ - so many places to make a great noise!

  3. Or perhaps he could take up bagpipes? I love the pipes, a pipe band in full march is such a stirring sound......but it's definitely an outdoor instrument.

  4. Loved this post. His smile is very infectious. Memo to self to stock up on Christmas pudding bowls and telephone cable.

  5. A happy boy, and a cheap date! A well- taped metal or plastic container with rice inside is also a perennial favourite. Do try anonymous's suggestion-- that would be adorable! Dare I ask for sound as well?

  6. Ooooh, look at that beautiful little smiley face! Looks like he has a marvelous granny who knows just the right toys. I, too, have saved lots of baby toys -- thanks for giving me hope LOL.

  7. What a delightful smile - made my day!