Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good and not so good

It was a lovely day today. This picture, from my walk home from having coffee with a friend, shows the hill, Arthur's Seat, in the background with the Castle in front of it.
I walked past the school attended by our daughters. I half-expected to see them there in their uniforms. I felt wistful. On the other hand, I also felt slightly gleeful at being out in the sunshine instead of in front of a class at college.
Grandson is down in England with his parents visiting the other grandparents. I'm delighted that they're getting the benefit of his beams. But we won't see him till Tuesday - oh dear!
Daughter 2 has been offered (without applying!) a new job in London. She's very excited about it. I'm delighted that she's pleased. But on the other hand, this project will last about two years and I'm not at all delighted about her being in London for another two years. In fact, she'll probably be there for ever, if her husband continues trying to make a career as an actor, but I can't really think too hard about that.
A day of mixed feelings, then.


  1. Do you know this lady?
    You were both looking at Arthur's Seat today!

  2. Oooh, lucky you out in the sunshine. Have a nice weekend even without grandson's happy smiles!

    Lesley x