Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The boys

Today we went to Perth to visit Son in his newish house. Grandson sat in a chair like a Big Boy.
Then he sat on the floor. Note the classic rattles. (Son and his future wife haven't yet had time to do any decorating or to demolish the rather horrid "stone" wall in the living room.)
Grandson admired Son's trainers.
Naturally, Son tried them on him.
Just a bit big.
Then Son made a phone call. I fear he may be a bad influence on his nephew - note the sticking-out tongue.
Later we went out to lunch and they behaved themselves.


  1. Oh, aren't our boys lovely! Dr P's feet are big, but not quite THAT big (I think the shoes must have been quite close to the camera). Anyway, they are lovely even with their enormous feet. xx

  2. Isabelle -- those boys of yours are just too cute! And how can Son possibly be a Dr? He looks much too young!

  3. Adorable as ever!

    But on the subject of the indoor wall - why do people DO that to houses??! I have had to remove 2 of them and one of them was filled with solid concrete and took a full day of sledgehammering to erase (mostly by D to be fair but I helped). Grrr

    Lesley x