Thursday, December 03, 2015

Advent and art

So, happy Advent. Daughter 2 has once more, this year, kindly sent us Advent presents. While Mr L and I appreciate these very much, one of the shorter members of the family is even more interested in them. He's not here every day, so we did get the opportunity to open (and eat) the first gift without him.

It was...

... delicious.

He wasn't here yesterday either but I did keep my polar bear and he ate it today.

He did appreciate today's offering but not so much as he appreciated the chocolate bear. Well, he is only four.

The children have been playing with my buttons. Some of them are from clothes of my mum's when she was a young woman. I particularly remember a green coat that she wore when I was a little girl, in the 50s. How she would have loved to see her great-grandchildren playing together.

There was also art.

Granddaughter drew a series of parallel (ish) lines. "That's a street," she said. I think this may be the effect of sharing a house with a road-layout-mad big brother.


  1. I love Toblerone! Your grandkids are adorable; I want some. Soon, before I'm too old to enjoy them. :)

  2. You're too funny -- I love that last line. That DD2 is such a sweetheart! I'll bet the littles are really excited -- Christmas is such a fun time with children! (Btw, I'm very excited about a little L!)