Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sticky markers and a fiendish plot

Today's Advent packet: sticky page markers. There was also an orange set but Grandson took them home with him. He'd never seen any before and plans to use them to mark the chapter in his bedtime story book.
We went on a bus today. He loves bus travel and observes everything with much seriousness. The other day he pointed out that with some traffic lights, even when a colour isn't lit up, you can still see what the colour of the glass is; whereas with others, the glass appears completely black when not lit. Moreover, with the former kind, the glass of the green light looks dark blue.
"Why, Granny?" Ummm... . I had to admit that I'd never noticed. Traffic lights are not my specialist subject.
Grandson [to his dad]: I wonder if I could make a potion to make my sister invisible?
His dad: Hmm. Well, there aren't really any such things as invisibility potions.
Grandson: Maybe we could just pile some things up in front of her?

(To put this in context, we'd been reading a book which featured invisibility potions and an annoying little sister... .)


  1. What an interesting observation about the traffic lights! I'll have to pay closer attention. I love the way kids think and their creative brains. I feel so boring in comparison.

  2. Your advent calendars are always much more exciting than the ones here. I got a shepherd in mine this morning. Well, a tiny picture of one. Good to hear your grandson is already thinking in terms of a plan B.

  3. That's one impressive young man. I do so hope his sister agrees...

  4. I enjoy your advent gifts from your daughter! Inspired by her, I thought of doing one for my parents this year, but never got around to it. I'm afraid I'm not such a devoted daughter after all. Maybe next year.

    Your grandson reminds me so much of my own son when he was that age. Clever chaps, aren't they? My son is away for his first year of college now, and his younger sister is loving being the only child at home. He'll be home for nearly a month over Christmas, and I can't wait.