Wednesday, December 23, 2015


The penultimate Advent gift. Thank you, Daughter 2. I must find something to erase.

Daughter 1, husband and children are now down in England on the way to visit his folks; Daughter 2 is with her husband's folks, also in England; Son is at his house, where he'll celebrate Christmas with his wife's family. So our house is quiet and tidy and will remain so for several days. Mind you, I plan to cut out lots of strips and little squares of material tomorrow, so that'll mess up the kitchen, aka my sewing room, more than somewhat.

I'll miss the offspring of course, but Christmas Day is only a day and we'll be fine. In a way, I'm missing my parents more: the children will be back before or at least at New Year and my parents definitely will not. I suppose that being temporarily childless reminds me of the early days of our marriage. But then, Mum and Dad were only up the road - and I felt obliged to keep in touch with them - though of course I also wanted to do so. Now, for a few days, we have absolutely no obligations, which feels extremely weird but perhaps faintly exciting.

Maybe we'll... oh, I don't know... go for a walk and have a coffee somewhere. You think?


  1. You're very lucky to have your children around most of the time and your 2 beautiful grandchildren. Our daughter is here for 11 days and will then return to Japan, sigh. But Skpe keeps us going.
    I've always loved Christmas, but having her come home makes me love it even more.

  2. I think it's OK because they're there and you know you'll see them. The gift of time alone is wonderful, as long as it's not a permanent condition.

  3. WE are also just two of us at home for Christmas day, partially by choice, but also because I have a virus that has suddenly got worse, and I won't feel like going anywhere or being merry, so it is just as well we'd planned for a quiet day. Best wishes to you and Mr Life for your Christmas Day.

  4. I had a lovely day all to myself, no commitments at all and I could eat what I wanted at a time to suit myself, magical.