Saturday, December 05, 2015

Sunshine and showers

Day 5 of our Advent gifts. We haven't eaten them ... yet.

Today the walking group was going to walk along the side of the Allan Water at Dunblane and then go for Christmas lunch. But this is what the weather has been like for the past couple of days...

... and this is the Allan Water. See that bit of river beside the railing? That's the path. So some of us did a different, shorter, walk and the rest of us... just got the train up to Dunblane, omitted the walk and had lunch. We all had good fun but some of us got wetter than others. Mr L and I wimped out and did the lunch-only option. We hardly felt guilty at all.

Meanwhile, Daughter 2 has been in Marrakech. You can't really tell the difference between Marrakech and Scotland in December.


  1. Bubbly Santa? I live in Washington State, so I'm used to rain, but that sky in Marrakech looks gorgeous!

  2. I presume you don't own waders then?
    I too need to know what Bubbly Santas are. Fattening perhaps.

  3. I've been reading about the flooding in Scotland, stay safe. Went to Morocco a few years ago, warm, but not my favorite place.

  4. Right, can hardly tell the difference. But I know which I'd choose...

  5. How did I miss the start of your Advent presents? Grand daughter already has a very beady eye on all things sweet. I was too well indulged as a post war baby and have the teeth to prove it. I have been hearing reports of your record breaking rainfall and feeling concerned for all northern bloggers like yourselves.

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