Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Deep sigh

Advent gifts day 9.

I've just come back from choir, where we're singing two pieces by Ola Gjeilo: "The Luminous Night of the Soul" and "Sunrise Mass". I keep hoping that they might grow on me but - nope, not so far. They manage to combine a) being quite difficult to sing even fairly well; b) sounding as if they would be quite easy (lots of repeated notes); and c) being extremely boring to rehearse. To make matters worse, we're singing his "Serenity" at my other choir. At least "Serenity" is mercifully short: over in six wafty minutes. Tonight's offerings comprise our whole programme. Gah.

I would just drop out for this year except that I'm the soprano representative - which basically involves taking the register, not a skilled task except that I'm the only one who knows all the sopranos' names (because of keeping the register). Also, it would seem a bit feeble. However, I'm strongly tempted. An weekly hour and three-quarters of watching the clock while we drone on; not my idea of fun.

He's an up-and-coming young composer so I suppose I must be wrong in my estimation of his music. But give me a bit of Mozart or Handel any day!

(I've just noticed that I put the apostrophe in the wrong place in sopranos'!! This indicates my level of overwroughtness! I have now corrected it. Goodness gracious me. I blame Ola Gjeilo, without a doubt.)


  1. Some composers try so hard to be different they forget how to be good. I'm with you Mozart and Handel are just fine.

  2. I don't blame you a bit. Give me Handel's Messiah any day!!

  3. As much as I love the old standards, I went and Googled a performance of Ola Gjeilo: "The Luminous Night of the Soul" on YouTube, and I think it's gorgeous!

    Of course, as a pianist and a singer myself, I do realize that enjoying listening to someone else perform a piece is very different than the experience of actually learning and performing it.

    I suppose I just wanted to give you the joy of the perspective of the audience, who will no doubt really enjoy this piece, and perhaps lessen your dread of it.

  4. I would blame him/her too. I could never be part of a choir, the repetition would drive me bonkers.

  5. I watched Luminous Night Of The Soul, and Dark Night Of The Soul on Youtube. It sounded glorious in parts;I suppose he's using the choir as another instrument, but I'd rather sing the words to the Messiah than hum along with the violins.
    Interesting that I kept thinking of various American movies as I watched the Youtube clips; I googled him afterwards and discovered he is very "inspired" by films and film music. It shows.

  6. I understand your pain. Listening to my husband rehearse... esp the songs he does not like... is painful.