Friday, December 11, 2015

It's beginning to seem a lot like...

I shall shortly stop going on about Mr Gjeilo, who's clearly ten times the musician I'll ever be so I suppose he must know what he's doing. It's been interesting, though, to have comments from Mrs Splapthing (just noticed that extra "p", sorry) and also Keryn. Hello! Keryn is entirely right, now I think of it, that OG is using the choir as an instrument and not the main thing; and yes, I don't like "mm"ing. Also, as she says, the music is quite filmic - which is why it sounds to me like background music to something more interesting.

Right, I've finished and will now become less grumpy.

I didn't take a photo of today's Advent goodies because I was keeping them for Grandson to open (he's very interested in presents even if they're not strictly for him). Once this happened, he quite swiftly suggested that he could eat my chocolate reindeer for me. And did. And then he suggested that Mr L should eat his chocolate reindeer, and, always willing to oblige, Mr L did. Thus the photo got forgotten till too late.

Still, here are some pictures of grandchildren and road and rail layouts for Nanny in Worcester.

And it suddenly occurred to me that this would be an appropriate time of year to unearth the Christmas quilt to drape over us while we watched some restorative television after the departure of the small and beloved but exhausting visitors. There's not much point in having a Christmas quilt, but this would seem to be the relevant month.

Tomorrow: decorate the tree and the house. Ho ho ho.


  1. I like your grandson's train set, I think I'm having a bit of train envy.

  2. Little N going to be a town planner by any chance? I was amazed to see that he has so many traffic signs.

  3. If not now, when, for the Christmas quilt?

  4. Of course there is a reason for a Christmas quilt - and you have found it! I made one last year and it lays over the back of our couch, looking very Christmassy indeed.

  5. Ahhh, the Christmas Quilt! Looking very festive indeed. And look at little L sitting there on her knees -- she's looking so much more grown up than even a few months ago. Did little N get to eat the Gingerbread Man?

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