Saturday, June 13, 2020

Lockdown week 12 - Saturday

Hmm, that's funny - Blogger is being peculiar this evening. At first it wouldn't allow me even to start uploading (is that the word?) photos and then it sort of half-started but then stopped.

Ah well, I don't have any very interesting photos from today anyway. Both yesterday and today, we've been spending time getting things organised in Daughter 2's Edinburgh flat, which has been rented out (and messed up by some of the tenants) for some years now. She planned to sell it in the spring and her tenants left (leaving lots of their grotty stuff) but then lockdown happened.

We managed to get rid of lots of the stuff just before everything ground to a halt, and then, because the flat was empty, a painter was allowed to paint it and then a flooring company was allowed to come and sand the floor. But because we didn't have our car it was difficult for us to go down and do things.

Anyway, a carpet company has opened up so yesterday we went there in our new (to us) car (we needed an appointment) and ordered carpets for the two bedrooms and vinyl for the kitchen and bathroom. And today we went to the flat and did various jobs such as refitting the washed loose chair/sofa covers which have been in our house since March; jigsawing together the table which the tenants unscrewed and put in a cupboard (sigh) - luckily Mr L is a patient man who can think in 3 dimensions; cleaning, clearing and so on. Daughter 2 has decided to get rid of various other pieces of furniture which the tenants put wet mugs down on and ruined - so that's happening on Tuesday.

And so on. It's time-consuming but satisfying - we oldies haven't been able to be very much use to anyone over this strange period so it's nice to feel productive. We'll get the flat back to looking nice again and then - well, will anyone be buying flats???

Of course, architect Daughter 2 would very much like to be doing this herself. But she's stuck in London. However, the internet is a great thing so she's ordered curtains, a new hob, a new bathroom suite and tiles and so on. And we've been consulting her at every turn.

I only went on a brief local walk when we got back. Mr L had a little snooze on the sofa instead. He did most of the difficult work at the flat.


  1. The internet has been a lifesaver on many occasions! Glad you got to help out and it sounds like you accomplished a lot!! What is a hob?

  2. That all sounds very useful work. I do know how you feel about being "socially unproductive" during these strange times. It somehow saps something from our identities.
    Enjoy the rest of your project management! DW

  3. You're very wise not bunging the herbs and spices in your cupboard. During our Lockdown I emptied my cupboards and I'm far too embarrassed to admit just how out-of-date some of the items I unearthed were... but I'll admit that 'archeological evidence' indicates we went through a Couscous phase in 2017!! How disgusting is that!

    You must be desperate to see and touch those grandchildren. FaceTime just is not the same, is it. Hopefully it will be safe for you to do so soon,