Thursday, June 25, 2020

Lockdown week 14 - Wednesday and Thursday

It's hot at the moment (well, Scottish hot) - too warm to go for an enjoyable walk during the day. So yesterday we walked along the old railway line beside the golf course after 9 in the evening. It was quiet, and still very light.

What we call brambles and English people blackberries are blooming and the bees are enjoying them.

There's only one lupin left and the foxgloves are nearing their end. They've been lovely. This was the garden on our return, at 9.45pm.

Today we went down to Daughter 2's empty flat to let in an oven-cleaning chap. While we waited, we did stuff such as putting valances on the rather past-it beds to make them look nice. I ironed two lots of new curtains and Mr L put them up and did other odd jobs. The chap was supposed to come between 10 and 12, and at 12.20 I phoned the lady in the office to ask if he was coming. Ah, no, she said. His previous client had cancelled, so he'd phoned our land line - in our house - to ask if he could come early. Only of course we weren't there. So he just didn't come. I'm not quite sure I follow his logic. He can't have phoned earlier than about 9.25, because we didn't leave till then. So he could have just... come.

Anyway, he's coming next Thursday. Let's hope.

In the afternoon I sat in the garden in the shade, and read. It was too warm to sit in the sun, and anyway, I'm wrinkly enough, thanks.

And then we went for the same walk, at much the same time, as last evening. The air was full of the scent of cow parsley and elder blossom.

The allotments are flourishing.

And this is Scotland so I thought I should end with thistles.


  1. Ah, thistles!! Reminds me of a poem...It's 24 degrees C here today which feels hot to me. I can't stand waiting for people who then don't show up! Does that bramble/blackberry produce the berries? Are those called brambles also? Yet another language question! :)

  2. I have brambles growing in my yard and they are going to have a bumper crop this year...My grandchildren will rejoice! But I think of blackberries as a different fruit. I have some blackberries growing at our cottage at Lake Chautauqua. I think I will have to do some more research.