Thursday, June 11, 2020

Lockdown week 12 - Thursday - a little outing

Well, today was exciting - by lockdown standards. At the beginning of all this, we lent our car to Daughter 1 and family. Normally they borrow it once a week to do their shopping or whatever, and then we get it back by each bussing half way and doing a swap. But with things as they are, and buses not a terribly good idea, the only way to share it would be for SIL 1 to drive it over and then one of us to drive him back (it's about 6 miles) - but this isn't possible while maintaining a 2-metre distance. 

So we decided last week that the easiest thing would be for us to buy a little runaround - and here's Bluebell, delivered today.  So - heady thrill - we drove somewhere else for our walk today. It wasn't far - the Cammo estate - but a bit too far to walk there and back again and also around the estate. 

This is (or was) Cammo House, built in 1693 and surrounded by beautiful grounds with many rare plants. .

This is all that remains of it now - the steps up to the front door and a few of the walls on that level. Sadly, it was demolished in 1977. The last owner was an eccentric chap who had lots and lots of uncontrolled dogs and who was burgled several times. The place was a wreck, and after he died someone set it on fire so the council knocked it down. Now the estate's managed by the council as a semi-wild park.

This is a Wellingtonia - a giant sequoia - which is obviously not a native tree. They were a status symbol in Britain to show off one's wealth. Mr L stands there for scale.

This was once a formal garden.

It's all rather sad but on the other hand, it's a lovely place to wander.

This was the water tower for the house.

And this was an ornamental canal, one of the views from the house.

It's slightly alarming, but also rather comforting, that nature takes over so quickly once people depart the scene.

(My sister-in-law, in south England, has tested positive for Covid-19! She seems to be fairly ok, though, and my brother has tested negative - so far. They've been locked down, so they can't think where she caught it.)


  1. Bluebell is gorgeous! I love the color; what is she? What fun to to go off on an adventure and for a more distant walk. Nature does take over, which I think is a good thing. It reminds us that we are not as powerful as she is. Oh, dear about your sister-in-law! Hope she remains in fairly good health. It just goes to show how insidious and sneaky Covid19 is!

  2. I expect you had some ghosts walking alongside you today on that estate, feeling glum at how their beautiful gardens have been neglected. Nature works even faster here in reclaiming neglected houses and gardens.

  3. Oh NO! I hope your sister-in-law is ok by now -- could the test maybe have been a false positive? And Bluebell is adorable -- I'll bet she looks super cute in your driveway -- the perfect color (and name)!