Saturday, June 20, 2020

Lockdown week 13 - Brio day

We had a lovely outdoor visit from the Edinburgh family. Big Grandson asked that Grandpa make the indoor bit of a Brio layout and then books were used as ramps to run it down the steps, along the back of the house and up the side.

We have a lot of Brio.

The layout extended into the sandpit, with a buried railway tunnel.

It was hot. 

And today was the longest day. I took this photo at 11.10 this evening. Sunrise tomorrow is at 4.26am and the birds start singing well before that. I do love our long summer days. The down side is that we have short winter days, but I always feel it's worth it, for the light summer nights.

Cheese scones (there was a request)
3 ounces butter (sorry - I've never changed to metric)
12 ounces self-raising (all-purpose) flour
pinch baking powder
Some milk to mix - about 3 fluid ounces, maybe
8 ounces grated cheese - this is quite cheesy - you could use less

Rub in the butter to the flour and baking powder. I have to admit I do it in the mixer because I don't like getting my hands sticky. Add the cheese and enough milk to make a wettish dough which sticks together. Roll out on a floured board and either cut with a knife or use a scone cutter to make about 8-10 scones. Brush the tops with milk. Bake in a hot oven - 200C - for ten or so minutes.


  1. That is the best kind of recipe--very few ingredients or steps! There can never be too "cheesy" for me. :) That Brio configuration is incredibly elaborate! Hello to the Edinburgh family from me.

  2. Thanks for the recipe! Will report back. As for all the construction going on in your garden, I think you should issue hard hats at the gate to all visitors and I'm not really a betting person but I'd lay odds you have an engineer in the making there. I'll check back in another decade and a half to see if I'm right (assuming of course that we both survive that long!)

  3. Holy Cow! That brio layout is amazing -- the grandchildren are SO clever. And thanks for the recipe!!!