Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Lockdown week 12 - Tuesday and Wednesday

We went up the hill yesterday and looked down at the golf course, like Adam locked out of paradise.

Still, the view's better further up the hill.

Look at the golfers,

totally unaware that we're looking resentfully down at them. (Not really. They do pay to be there.)

On the hill, foxgloves,

foxgloves and more foxgloves. The willowherb is growing fast and will soon add their pink to the scene.

Littlest Granddaughter sent us both a letter today. Here's Mr L's:

And here's mine:

Actually I think the picture of me and the red sheep is on the back of this pink letter. (It requires quite a lot of imagination.) But on the back of the painting it says:

"It was a wainbow. Den I painted eveewhere. Now it a cloud. Gem [nursery teacher] say, "Where is your name?" and write it again."

She writes remarkably well for 2 and a half...

Oh, how I miss her and the northern grandbabies. Still, I suppose every day takes us nearer seeing them all again.


  1. Those are wonderful letters! How sweet of mom to send them. :)

  2. Foxgloves - my favorites! They grew on either side of the passage up the mountain behind my Uncle Willie's farm. Been in love with them all my life. I have to say that Granny is looking exceptionally well in grand daughter's artistic rendering!

  3. You are correct. The yellow paper has the "wainbow/cloud" on it and you (and your head) are on the back of the pink card. The "red sheep" was allegedly outside our actual window but it was invisible. Her idea of what goes in a letter is quite an esoteric stream of consciousness... you should read N&L's one!

  4. You certainly live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. And you certainly have a loving, united and quite imaginative family! Be well and keep safe!