Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bad Granny

I mustn't take time to blog but I thought Nanny and Gramps in Worcester might like to see some pictures of the littlies instead of pictures of my quilt.

However, I am very behind in various Christmas-related activities.

One (small) reason for my behindness is this cheery bundle of fun. (Another is my choir carol concert, which was last night.) Granddaughter has been waking her poor parents during the night a LOT; and a few days ago they accepted my offer to come over and be firm with her overnight. (I know how hard it is to be firm with your own offspring when they wake and cry. Looking at you, Daughter 2, thirty years ago... .)

So for the past three nights, Granddaughter's cot has been in the sitting room at Daughter 1's house and I've been sleeping on the sofa to take the role of  Bad Granny. She looks traumatised, doesn't she?

Night 1: she woke at midnight, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.30 and then (hurray) just before 8 - at which point we started the day. Up till then, I patted her on the tummy and told her to go to sleep and, after a short period of making a noise like a rusty hinge, she did each time.

Night 2: she woke at 3, 5, 6.30 and 8. Much better.

Night 3 (last night): she slept through till 6ish, then till 7.20 and then till 8.15. Real progress!

Tonight we're going to try her back in her own bedroom (which she shares with her brother, so I hope she doesn't decide to yell in earnest). Wish us luck!


  1. Oh yes, I wish you luck....and a very happy Christmas to you all.

  2. This is always a difficult balancing act: concern that the child is experiencing some fear or upset which can't be articulated; the possibility that this is a ploy for 'attention' which needs to be gently/firmly quelled--and then there is the inevitable weariness and exasperation that happens because the rest of the family is becoming seriously sleep deprived.
    We are a family of 'night owls' by inclination, but work schedules through the years usually demanded reasonable hours. Our daughter was perhaps 10 or 11 before we got the message across, 'If you aren't sleepy, fine, but the rest of us have to sleep at night, so BE QUIET!'
    I think that the earlier a child can be gently persuaded or trained to the family schedule the better for all--but it is not a comfortable phase to get through!

  3. I don't miss the time when my children were babies.....didn't cope with sleep deprivation at all well. Still don't.

  4. Oh I remember this. Two years of it. In the end one of the books we consulted came up with a method we could work with and success followed. The trauma was all ours!

  5. Good for Granny. You obviously have true talent, plus experience.

  6. Now that is a wonderful Christmas present to the parents AND the baby- the gift of sleep! Well done you.