Monday, December 02, 2013

Cassie and the curtains

Today I made new curtains for the upstairs bathroom. Despite Cassie's assistance, I've finished them. Rather foolishly, perhaps, I bought the material from Laura Ashley, from whom I bought the previous upstairs bathroom material, which I still really like (and the curtains are still fine in most respects) except that it faded badly. I hope that LA have got less fadey dyes since I made those. I suppose that this was 16 years ago... but I expect things to last longer than that. My kitchen curtains are also a Laura Ashley fabric, are about 25 years old and have also faded, but in a more acceptable way. Either that or I've just got used to them. I do occasionally think I should get new ones for the kitchen but there are three windows so it would be a bit of an effort and I don't think they look too bad. It seems wasteful to throw away perfectly serviceable curtains.

And because Daughter 1's lovely family-in-law look at this blog for pictures of the littlies, not of our cats, I thought I should include Granddaughter, yesterday, eating a (plastic) carrot...

... and Grandson saying "In you go, piggy" as he loads the pig into the truck of the train that Thimbleanna brought to him last summer (which he plays with a lot).

Thank you so much, Andrea from Minneapolis, for your comment. I will post a picture of my quilt when it's finished, but prepare to be unimpressed. It's my first one and very very very basic! (Note the phrase "first one"... suggesting that it won't be my last... well, let's see, will we?)


  1. Sometimes I wonder how we manage without the help of our cats.....

  2. I've had cat helpers with my swing for so many years, I'm not sure I could manage without!

  3. Yay -- the piggy is going into the train!!! I'm so happy that he still plays with it. And while I know your curtains are beautiful, you really shouldn't be spending your time on such frivolous pursuits. You have a quilt to finish by Christmas LOL!!!

    (And boy, is granddaughter ever growing -- what little cuties they both are! (Improper sentence construction is allowed when complimenting grandchildren. It's a law of English.))

  4. Anything made without a certain amount of cat fur just isn't worth making.