Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Dear Nanny and Gramps in Worcester

These are some of the things I did today.

I went to the park with Granny and surveyed my territory.

Then I slid down the slide quite often. I told her that it's also called a chute.

It was fun.

I also crawled through this tunnel and picked up lots of pieces of wood chips, or as I call them, little logs. I then crawled backwards and deposited these little logs on the ground at the other end of the tunnel. And repeat.

Later we went to Granny's house and did a lot of serious playing. We also read quite a few books.

By the time Grandpa came home, I was tired so I persuaded him to look at a tractor video with me on his iPad. Grandpa and I both appreciate technology.

I believe that you're visiting me this weekend, Nanny and Gramps. If you're good, I'll let you do stuff like this with me too!


  1. This is so fun Isabelle. Small Grandson will have fun looking back on his growing up through your eyes when he's grown!

  2. Oh how envious the other grandparents must be that you get to spend so much time with your beautiful grandchildren.

  3. I was just going to write the same as Mac did, about the other grandparents being envious! It is so nice that they can at least see so much of their grandchildren through your blog.
    Yes I thought you'd like my hibiscus. But you should see the darn geraniums. Wretched things have just about taken over the front yard! (hee hee..)

  4. Such a cutie. Surely, Nanny and Gramps love reading to him little adventures. I hope they’re doing well in Worcester. They must be missing their little grandson so badly. Do you come to visit them often? Carl Brighton @ Comfort Keepers