Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I had coffee yesterday with my dear friend J, who lives in South Queensferry. It was lovely to catch up with her. She still works part-time at the college and I felt only a tiny yearning to be back there. I quickly suppressed this. It wasn't hard.

South Queensferry is a pretty and historic little town, though not exactly built for cars.

This church...

 ... appears to have been built in 1633. It's up a lane on the way to J's house. I hadn't noticed it before.

One of the main things you notice about South Queensferry is the Forth (Rail) Bridge - which is famous and also pink. This is the view from J's kitchen window. There's also a road bridge, which you can see on the left, and they're in the process of building a second one. When I was a girl there was only the rail bridge; and cars and their passengers had to cross the estuary by ferry, which took quite a long time compared to the five minutes across the road bridge.

From all along the main street you get glimpses of the bridge.

I've now written quite a lot of cards and bought some presents and we have fairy lights in the hall. Grandson saw these today and was transfixed. I wish I'd had a camera handy to capture his fascinated little face.

No tree yet, no further decorations, no wrapping but I don't want to get too ahead of myself. That would be showing off.


  1. We drove through a Queensferry two Easters ago one evening as we took the boys across the road bridge. we had naively assumed that would find a little restaurant there in which to have dinner. Did we miss all the restaurants or are there really no eateries in Queensferry? WE went back to our hotel, quite close to the Bridge, via the Royal Yacht and the city centre. Then we switched on the satnav and went straight back to the hotel for by then much needed food! Your trip looks much more successful!

  2. There are several nice eateries on the High Street, with lovely views over the sea. Unless you were in North Queensferry, at the other side of the water?

    Neither Q is anywhere near the Royal Yacht or the city centre, though.

    You must have been in a parallel universe... .

  3. Well now, it appears that you're an over-achiever Mrs. Life -- I don't have a spec of decorating done yet and not much else done either!!! I LOVE the lights -- in my mind that opening will always be smaller though -- I haven't processed your updates yet.

    And I'm thinking South Queensferry needs to be added to my next visit!

    Oh, and this.
    Show Off!

  4. Mr Life4:39 pm

    I've been saying for over a week now that I must check that our Christmas lights are working - in advance of the tree arriving on Friday. Not like me to be so organised but I did get out our three sets of led lights the other day and found that they all worked (Yippee!). Rather than put them away I decided (That's Mr Life not Mrs, Anna) to hang one set round the arch. Mrs Life then took a photo for blog purposes. The larger arch wasn't available for light festooning purposes in previous years so we were then in need of a further set of lights and thus I still didn't escape my annual Christmas light buying trip to the nearest B&Q DIY superstore. However my foresight in checking the lights early meant that they had plenty in stock.

  5. As always, thank you for my Bridge fix, Isabelle, great light and views! I used to love taking the ferry, the bridge was boring even though my Uncle worked for one of the civil engineering companies involved! Reminder, thank you Mr L, we need American lights, we carefully packed and brought back a lovely set of Britsh ones. Shall I send them to you?