Monday, December 09, 2013

Winter flowers

We had a walk through the Botanics yesterday. It'll soon be the shortest day and it's cheering to see some flowers even at this time of year, such as this periwinkle.

I'm not a great fan of pampas grass but it was good to see the green leaves and creamy plumes brightening up the herbaceous border.

This viburnum has delicate pink blossoms against bare branches.

And -  cheating somewhat because these are alpines, in a covered, open-ended greenhouse -

(but still very lovely on a dull day) early-flowering daffodils and crocuses.

And then my phone ran out of battery.

Home again, this is the best that my garden could offer: the last two roses. But there are spears of spring bulbs beginning to appear through the soil. Enjoy summer while you have it, Australia. We'll be starting to drag it north again before too long.

Mind you, we do have a bit of winter to deal with first. Sigh.


  1. Well, you are very lucky. there is nothing in bloom here in Northeast Ohio and will not be for quite a long time. But I'm getting some blooming houseplants to cheer up my world! And looking at your photos.

  2. You are welcome to as much summer as you like, we have an abundance to spare! Such pretty flowers too.

  3. Pampas grass was very popular here years ago but is now classed as a weed. It grew too well in this climate and was taking over.
    Sorry but you'll have to wait a bit longer for your turn of summer. I haven't finished with it yet even though I complain about the heat.

  4. My friend has Penstemons blooming in her garden here in sunny Hertfordshire. ( actually it's foggy this morning)

  5. Cheer Up Isabelle -- those long dark days mean longer for Quilting -- your new-found hobby LOL!!! I know quilting will never replace gardening in your heart, but it can fill in the holes when you can't be out there pottering in the dirt! ;-D