Saturday, December 07, 2013

Days go by...

Life is... not boring, because I can always happily potter about. But uneventful. Cassie and I have now finished quilting the quilt and once I've written some Christmas cards for overseas I shall tackle the binding. I am slightly quailing at this but I expect it'll be ok, or at least sufficiently so for the standard of the quilt.

The bits I enjoyed most? Well, all of it really. I certainly enjoyed fiddling about with the fabrics to get an arrangement that satisfied my eye. I quite enjoyed cutting out and sewing together, though would have enjoyed sewing the strips together even more if I'd done the previous bit more accurately so that all my corners were perfect.

And doing the hand-quilting was very pleasant; totally brainless and yet giving me something to do while watching television, such as the latest Gareth Malone choir project. (Oh, what a nice young man he is.) (I must say that I would have appreciated Thimbleanna's lovely quilt gift even more had I realised quite how many woman hours went into the circles she quilted on it!)

Not that I can currently sing, which is a great hardship. This longwinded cold and cough are still with me. Not only do I have to just sit and follow the music at my two choirs but I'm unable to carol around the house. Mr L's life has never been so peaceful.

Today we went to Almond Valley Heritage Centre with the grandchildren, their parents and their other grandparents.

The lad had a good time...

... though it was a bit chilly and muddy.

The three chaps went on a trailer pulled by a tractah. They all enjoyed it. Boys do seem to like tractahs.


  1. Ah, you have just described the usual innocence of making a first quilt.( next time you will know what you are in for. )Like you the best part for me is one buying/ selecting the fabric and secondly deciding on the best arrangement.

    You may like to tell little N that a lady you know in NZ older than yourself has her own tachdah.
    Maybe you could Goggle a photo of a very old Massey Ferguson to show him.( just so he knows it isn't totally a boy thing!

  2. It is a very pretty quilt, such fresh early taste of spring! Lots of tactahs here too, comes with living in the country.

  3. What a lovely Christmas quilt. The binding will not be difficult. You probably do it all by hand. I machine sew the first side and hand sew down the front....

    In the beginning I wasn't sure I liked the pale green in it, but now I see how it lets one be aware of the contrasting printed blocks and gives a gentle and comforting feeling to it all. You did a wonderful job designing it.
    I am thinking about an art quilter in Ohio who has done a lot of work about "St. Quilta the Comforter".

    So all the grandparents are with the grandchildren. Wonderful!

  4. Almond Valley is an excellent place for children. We took ours there in the spring when they were little and they got to feed calves with bottles. Ten years later, Thomas still reckons this was the best day of his life.

  5. Good luck !
    I'm with grandson ... I'd rather climb all over a tractor than bind a quilt . Not that it stops me quilting ... just that it takes me forever to finish them .

  6. Your very first quilt is one to be proud of! The colours are lovely (those that I can see which aren't covered by a black cat, lol).

  7. YAY -- the quilting is finished! It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the green you've chosen to go with it -- I can't wait to see it with the binding on! Now, of course, you'll have to get going on your next quilt because you're going to miss having something to work on in the evenings. ;-D

    And...notice how quilts are cat magnets! You must do it for Sirius and Cassie!!! ;-D

  8. I am so sorry for the lack of voice, hope it comes back soon so you can serenade Mr L again. Love the quilt, very well done you! We have a couple of inches of that white stuff and definitely no flowers :(