Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Lockdown week 10 (argh!) - Wednesday

This is the second last day of our golf course walks, so we came up to the Murrayfield one again and I took a photo of the huge rhododendron bush that I'll never see fully in flower,

and then we walked up and down again to the gate that was briefly padlocked

and along the shady path because it was hot today

 towards my beloved little crossroads that I imagine - possibly quite erroneously - has looked much the same for hundreds of years (except sheep fields instead of golf courses)

and sat on "our" seat, as usual, to admire the view.

And then we walked round and up - pausing to sit on a bank in the shade -

and back down again. The cranes in the distance are from the rebuilding of a shopping centre in town. I don't know whether the work has been stopped during lockdown or not, but if so, it'll be starting again soon.

And we looked sideways at the sea and then we came home. 3.1 miles.

The garden is full of purples at the moment, even though I'm not mad on purple in other contexts.

I love the colour of this ceanothus.

It's the season of irises and clematis.

And lupins, In the past several years I've had to battle lupin aphids, but astonishingly this year there appear to be none. How wonderful. There were no such things as lupin aphids when I was a child but they got imported from... can't remember... some years ago. I love lupins.

And irises.

Only two more days before we see the Edinburgh family - I hope. Fingers and toes will stay crossed till then.


  1. I love purples and blues! I'll be looking forward to photos and stories of your Edinburgh family. Tell them hello!xoxo

  2. What a wonderful variety of plants and colours in your garden. I love lupines, too. Fond memories of them from growing up in UK. My mother always had them in her garden. Climate is too hot to grow them where I live now.

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