Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Lockdown week 10 - Tuesday

Ooh, look, the Botanics are getting ready to open.

Something else I can hardly wait for.

This is normally a neatly-mown strip - I think the council workers must be on furlough.

We went up to the Murrayfield course again, finding this notice. Ah well, it's been nice.

The gorse is fading now.

but the campion and garlic mustard are still lovely. 

So pretty.

And as the gorse fades, the broom comes out in yellow glory to replace it.

The general effect is similar, but broom isn't thorny.

The master surveys his realm. For now...

And then back we went, down to the house. Such a beautiful day. Such a lovely walk.


  1. The master surveys his realm, I like that.

  2. Your walks are always beautiful! We call that Scotch broom; it's very invasive. I hope that you'll be seeing the family soon. xoxo