Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Hardly lockdown at all, and yet... week 18, Monday to Wednesday

On Monday I went down to Daughter 2's Edinburgh flat to get the official photos taken for the brochure. This is one of them. Annoyingly, I now see that the slightly badly ironed (by me) loose covers, which were fine to the eye or in my phone photos, look rather squashed with the photographer's better lighting. Ah well, the buyers aren't buying the sofas (though in fact they'd be welcome to have them).

I wondered why the photographer had moved the shower screen out over the bath till I realised that if he hadn't, he'd have been reflected in it. 

Can you see the subtle difference between the actual bathroom and Daughter 2's drawing of it? Yes, the blue bottle is between the mirrors instead of to the right. This is because, after considerable struggling on Mr L's part with the uncooperative wall, the right hand mirror ended up slightly crooked - you wouldn't notice if you couldn't see the faintly uneven gap between them. Mr L may try to rectify this later (or he may not) Meanwhile, the bottle hides it. 

Yesterday we went with the Edinburgh Two to Dalkeith Country Park, where they did lots of things like this. 

And today they came here and played with Brio.

Biggest Granddaughter decided to make a smiley face with it. She quite likes making layouts but not in such a dedicated way as her brother.

So we made cupcakes. She said they were bears, but this principally consisted in giving them chocolate button ears.

Then she devised a game in which she and I had a speed-drawing competition. We had to draw 42 pictures as fast as possible (which was quite fast, hence the lack of finesse) - of subjects of her choice, both of us drawing the same thing. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to give mine scribbled titles, because she then decided that we had to mix them up and pair them. At least we could thus remember what they were supposed to be.

Like this.

This one was easier.

These are all mine. Well, you try differentiating between a door, a secret door and a close-up door in ten seconds flat.

She claimed that the one on the right was her fish. There was also a ghost, which this somewhat resembled.

And this one was hard! Again, not worthy of the Sistine Chapel ceiling but Michelangelo wasn't being raced by a 7-year-old who was keen to finish first. "I've finished! Stop!"

How I love them.


  1. Speed drawing! I think you did amazingly well, particularly with the quick thinking of labelling them... it's such a fun age isn't it? babies are cute, but kids have such verve :)

  2. I'm so glad you are back with them! I don't know how I'd cope if I couldn't see my two. Big Mr 5 has settled into school well, and seems more grown up by the day, and little 2y6m is gorgeous one minute and a raging bundle of emotions the next... quite wearing and definitely "2 going on 14". Just so different from Number one... but still such fun to be with. Aren't they amazing as the grow!

  3. That's a very clever game; it sounds like memory. (which I'm terrible at. What a great time you had with the grandchildren! The apartment looks beautiful. I spent most of the day snuggling my sweet 2 month old grandson. Heaven on earth!

  4. I so wish I could comment!

  5. You did a grand job with the flat. What a great game. I think I shall borrow it, although my granddaughter does like to construct games and complex rules herself so I may not be allowed to.
    I wonder why I can get comments through now...

  6. How clever your granddaughter is to come up with this fun game...I would be tempted to keep all these drawings in a sort of time capsule! Invisible man is a great one. It reminded me of a story of a blank page which was said to be a picture of a cow eating grass. The cow had eaten all the grass and of course left after there was no more grass to eat.

    The apartment looks great. I hope your London daughter finds immaculate tenants who will stay for years and years. Or perhaps buy it...That's what your daughter wants, isn't it?