Saturday, July 25, 2020

Not really lockdown any more - week 18 - Thursday to Saturday.

Oh, look at that: three days since my last lockdownish post. Things are strange now - there's still a crisis, we're wearing masks in shops and buses (not that we've been on any buses since we bought Bluebell the Car) but it's harder to remember that we're in the grip of a pandemic because Scotland is doing well and we don't know anyone who's been ill here and we can now see the family - except so far, Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter. In fact we could go and see them now, except that we're about to be selling (let's hope) her Edinburgh flat by showing it to lots of enthusiastic buyers. Anyway, to that end, Mr L has been videoing it, using the very complicated and heavy gimbal sent for by Son-in-Law 2. SIL 2 will then edit this film together, because that's one of the things he does professionally. As instructed, Mr L and I went on Friday morning to the shore at Leith, which isn't far from the flat, to shoot a bit of film which will give a brief air of look-where-you-could-stroll to the video.

Then the Edinburgh Two came round. They did the usual things - they still, at 9 and 7, enjoy the sandpit, except on this occasion it was a bakery. They made cakes, and "coffee with mush". Very appetising.

In between coffees with mush, I took pictures of the garden,

which is

in full


Then, for a while, Biggest Granddaughter became a wild woozer (they said) and chased her brother round the garden.

There was much hilarity.

And some drawing took place.

Big Grandson has very specific interests.

These mainly involve transport.

But he did go back to running a cafe for a while, taking careful orders. Prices were very competitive. Biggest Granddaughter and I were the customers; she took on various personae. 

It's so lovely being a granny. When you're a mum, in my case of three children within five years, you don't have that much time to sit around being part of a fantasy cafe drama. Now... all the time in the world. 

Today, for the first time for weeks (blame the flat) we walked up the hill. 


it's all about the willow herb

and ragwort.

So pretty.

And such weeds. The hillside is covered with a sea of pink and yellow. I don't normally think these colours go with each other, but here: beautiful.

And then we went back down to the road. This is a very steep path; one's knees are slightly wobbly by the bottom. But home's not far.


  1. What gorgeous flowers everywhere! The time with your grandchildren is so precious and you are an involved and active granny. Hope you get to see Daughter #2 and family soon!

  2. I see you had to pay in cash! I love that your grandchildren get such good mileage out of what you provide for them. They seem a very contented pair. Does your grandson have any Hornsby? I’m wondering if ours will be interested in the modest collection that we have.
    Yes the virus has taken a back seat here to all intents and purposes but that’s only because I haven’t needed to go anywhere with a mask on ands we have all stayed well. The grandchildren come and go with impunity and The Archers continues to be recorded from our spare bedroom. There are dire prognostications about the winter if you happen upon them in the press.

  3. Ahhh, you're having such a lovely summer! Your garden is BEAUTIFUL -- as always. And you do have such a good time with the grandchildren - what a wonderful Granny you are!

  4. I always love seeing your beautiful family and beautiful world! I hope you will be able to visit your DD2 and her sweet daughter soon...