Thursday, January 05, 2012

Baby worship

I know he's just an ordinary baby. One among millions and millions. But he's so lovely: his big shiny eyes and his petal-soft skin and his big, thrilled beam.

Daughter 1 and I took him for a walk. He enjoyed it. Ah, how simple it is to be a baby. (Just as long as people aren't trying to put your arms in sleeves. We don't like sleeves.)

I'm becoming one of those people who say that they don't know how they had time to work. I phoned the roofer this morning about the slates that flew off the roof during the big wind the other night, and the aerial chap about the tv picture that tends to collapse into noisy slices of itself, and then tomorrow I must phone the dishwasher chap about the dishwasher that he fixed but which has now unfixed itself again.

Today started rather suddenly when Cassie leapt upon Mr Life's stomach at 5.20 am. The cats spend the night in the kitchen but my mother had gone through to get a glass of water and... well, she swears that she didn't let Cassie out. But let's put it this way: someone did. Offended by the less-than-ecstatic welcome she got, Cassie immediately leapt off again but then she had to be apprehended because she really enjoys scratching our bedroom wallpaper. At least, she swears she doesn't but let's put it this way: someone does and I don't think it's Sirius.

Mr Life adores the cats but cat-catching makes you more alert than you really want to be at 5.20 am.

Still looking for cat-sitters... (see post of two days ago). What? You mean you don't like being jumped on in the early hours?


  1. You are right...he is very cute indeed. I love his spotted pram attire.
    The need for repair people seems to come in swarms - usually on a holiday or other inconvenient times.( Murphy ).

  2. Is there such a time as 5.20am? I never knew gosh, your little man is growing so fast!

  3. Ah, how we would love to catsit for you! We'd be there in a heartbeat if only we could. Much love to you!

  4. He is lovely - dear little chap. Wish I could catsit!

  5. He is a little charmer, and I'm sure the cats are too.

  6. Now Granny -- you know that's not an ordinary baby -- he's a Beautiful Baby! I really wish I could see him in person.

    I don't have time to work either. I'm counting the years until I can bail out! (And as much as I'm ready, I'm hoping it isn't hastened by more upcoming layoffs. ;-( )

  7. If my children don't get a move on and tidy away all the detritus from Christmas, I may come and stay in your house myself!!