Saturday, January 07, 2012

More glass

Left piece of glass: handmade and sold moderately expensively in a craft shop. Middle piece: I've known it all my life; it was, I think, a wedding present to my parents. I'm sure it wasn't new then. I've had it for over thirty years. Right hand piece: bought in a charity shop for £3.

I like the rich colours.

Now: Daughter 2 has, somewhat to my surprise, started a blog. Daughter 1 has one too - indeed, she had one before I did and was my blog mentor, but she doesn't update it much. I think she spends more time on Ravelry.

If you have a moment, do pop over and say hello to Daughter 2 sitting in her London flat, streaming with a cold. (She and I seem to be competing (not intentionally) as to how many consecutive colds we can suffer from.)

She's at

(Not that I want her to change at all - apart from improving her immune system.)

And another site to visit - I've just come across this. There's an organisation that teaches prisoners to sew - embroider, quilt etc - and this is the website that sells their work. It's really lovely. And amazing. And heartwarming. Do have a look.


  1. Hi... just me again... it looks like we wont be able to make it this year...sooooo sad !! And soooo sorry to tell you that too. I hope another bloggy friend can help you out. x x

  2. More lovely glass! I shall pop over to your daughter's blog a fellow Raveler I feel duty bound.

  3. Very obedient, went and left suitable witty, well maybe not witty, but nice comment. Lovely work at Fine Cell, particularly liked the swag and jailbird bags!

  4. Anonymous4:23 pm

    More glass hey ? Personally prefer the ceramic variety of pieces cheer up the home.
    Family blog no 2 looking promising !

    The Friendly Lurker