Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The excitements of the retired life

Oh, isn't Grandson cute?

Second Zumba session today. We had a different teacher: not the lean, lithe impossibly fit-looking girl of last week, but a ... how can I put this? ... really fat girl. Goodness knows, I'm not thin but you could have got about two of me out of her. Well, one and a half at least, with a bit left over to make a toddler.

She was very dancey, I'll admit. She wiggled around and twinkled her feet and waved her arms just as impressively and confusingly and fast as last week's teacher. She said that she was taking it a bit easy since this was the second of six (six!) Zumba classes she was taking today, but she still seemed to throw herself into it. And I thought: if she can exercise like this for six hours and still be spherical, then Zumba does not work. Unless she eats a box of chocolates between each session. Anyway, Son came down to see us today and he, Daughter 1, Grandson and I all went to Ikea. Yes, we can organise a fun family outing. He needs to buy furniture for his new house, Daughter 2 wanted some boxes and I wanted a lamp. Amazingly, I managed for the first time to go round Ikea and not buy anything I didn't previously feel I needed. (The pot of daffodils doesn't count. We all need daffodils.)

At tea, Son offered Grandson his first piece of potato. Grandson wasn't impressed.


  1. I love Ikea, but the closes one to me is a 5 hour drive north. I have been asking Ikea to build a store a little closer to St Louis, but so far they have declined, darn it. I would spend way too much money if one was close to me

  2. He gets chubbier and smilier and more adorable every time I see him!

  3. I tried Zumba yesterday. Blimey! The instructor had dislocated her shoulder in a ballet class but it didn't slow her down enough for my liking.

  4. What a lovely family outing-and a perfect grandson smile! :)

  5. I don't know anything about Zumba, but it definitely sounds like somethings I'd take care to avoid.
    The daffodils sound lovely. I expect you are growing your own, too.