Saturday, January 28, 2012

I prefer cats to (some) people.

Well, Daughter 2 didn't get into Edinburgh till 3.05 am, thanks, it seems, to idiots who stole the cabling from seven signals on the line. This meant that eight other trains from London to the north were queued up in a batch with her train and had to be signalled manually through, one at a time. She was thus three and a half hours late arriving in Edinburgh. And think of all the other people inconvenienced too... .

I went up to meet her and had the unusual (for me) experience of sitting in the car beside the entrance to a night club at 2.55 am while I waited for the train to arrive. It was quite entertaining, watching all the smokers chatting away and interacting on the pavement, and it was nice to have company of sorts.
So we're a bit weary today. Daughter 2 went to bed at 9.30 pm. (She needs her sleep.) I have some things to do (I don't need so much sleep) but will go off earlier than usual.
Cassie was tired too. She and Sirius sat up with me while I read my book, waiting to go up to collect Daughter 2. Actually, to be more accurate, Cassie went to sleep on the sofa. Sirius, who could clearly tell the time, stayed awake and kept looking at me. "Come on," he kept saying. "It's bedtime. Why are you still sitting there? Where are our bedtime Dreamies?"
So today Cassie rested in the sun, pretending to have four front paws.
Later, the two of them did their conjoined cats impression.
(Grr, Blogger's doing its won't-give-you-paragraph-spaces again.)


  1. How infuriating to have precious family time wasted by selfish vandals. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  2. I hope the vandals are caught, and have the book thrown at them....but they will probably get away with a slap on the wrist, more's the pity. Love your two-headed cat, and also that amazing multi-front-pawed kitty!

  3. If I had a pund for every hour I've spent waiting outside stations for late trains I'd be much richer! This cable theft is appalling, it causes so many problems - just heard on the news it's being 'clamped down' onhe time, hmmm. It amazes me how animals do seem to know the time - when I worked full-time our cats were always on the back door step at my usual coming home time, but if I came home early there wouldn't be a cat in sight!

  4. Sorry, keyboard seems to have had a brainstorm and now blogger won't let me delete and start again, so hope you can make sense of the comment

  5. Can't believe how much that picture of Cassie looks like my Widdershins!

    Widdershins also does that forehead melding thing, but never with our other cat, Jinx. Only with Mommy and Daddy.

  6. You're so funny. I wish I had your talent for coming up with captions for photos. I would have enjoyed watching the night-clubbers - it's fun to peek into another slice of life!