Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I've just posted this picture of Sweet Williams to remind myself about summer, flowers and colour. Because here in Edinburgh today it's cold, grey and windy. The garden is mainly a heap of sodden brown leaves and twigs. Various slates lie on the ground, blown off by the gales we suffered on Monday night. (Fortunately they just missed the car. That would have been expensive.)

But one advantage of retirement, I'm finding, is that you do see a bit of daylight even in the winter. Here in Edinburgh at this time of year it's still pretty dark at going-to-work time and very dark at going-home time, and in my teaching days I never had time to look out of the window in between. Now, however, I can do things like - oh, today I went to the dentist (such fun) - and January doesn't seem so bad.

In the summer, in contrast, we have these long, light nights when you can still see to do gardening well after 11 at night. So, to me, the dark days of winter are amply compensated by the light nights of summer.

On the other hand, my Californian bloggy friend Paul tells me that Carmel is rather nice at any time of year...

Talking of the summer and indeed the spring - if you haven't read my previous post about the cats, please do.


  1. My Husband and I are thinking about going to Edinburgh... actually I was born in Dundee... grew up in Port Glasgow, live in Canada now... we just haven't made the decision yet. He has to work until the 15th though, which is a problem for you. Anyway, we haven't made a decision yet x

  2. It takes the dark days of winter to make one appreciate the light and warmth of summer!

  3. For your health you should stand outside in the light ( sunlight? ) for 15 minutes a day if you can . Might help rid you of the colds.( that's not pleasant at all having cold after cold. )

    What a shame your cat sitting invite comes a year too late for us.

  4. Yes, I found myself looking through summery photos last night for that same reason. To remind myself what being warm looked like.

    Lesley x

  5. Hi, I just arrived here on a blog hop and noticed 'teacher' and 'retired'. Enjoy your retirement!
    Love from Mum

  6. I can't wait until the mornings get lighter. It's so much harder to heave oneself out of bed when it's basically the middle of the night and not one of your neighbour's lights is on ....