Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two reasons to be cheerful

Any day - for example, today - is improved by a visit from this little chap. He is so yummy.

And then in the evening I went to a concert which featured (among other goodies) Boyce's 4th Symphony. It's one of those pieces of music that I know perfectly well - could have sung along to - but couldn't have identified. It's SO GOOD - very cheerful and brisk and no-nonsense - just the sort of thing to make one feel that the human race has a lot going for it, despite all the dire news.

I didn't know much about Boyce apart from the fact that he was an 18th century English composer but have just Googled him. In Wikipedia's picture, he looks a bit like a combination of Dr Johnson and Robbie Coltrane, but more stolid. Not a beauty, then, but what an achievement to create something that over 200 years later makes people (such as me) beam all the way home on the bus.


  1. Good and Good!

    Your trip to Aran sounds interesting. I hope to see some amazing photos when you go there.( when you come back perhaps I mean. )

  2. Excellent!! And more excellent....

    Lesley x

  3. I think you maybe do Dr Boyce an injustice. If you go to this page: and scroll down to 1749, he looks rather less dishevelled. There's also a nice quote from Charles Wesley at the foot of the page.