Sunday, January 08, 2012

A post for Nanny and Gramps in Worcester

Grandson continues to be very jolly. Look at his hair - it's visible now. Kind of. And he has good eyebrows - much better than those of his Edinburgh Granny. He enjoys playing with his rattles.Surprise! He can sit up by himself! (Though not for all that long.)
Still doing it... .
But it tires a chap out, being so jolly and energetic and grownup. So a short nap was in order on the way back to his own house.
I'm sure he's looking forward to seeing you soon, Worcester Nanny and Gramps.
(Thanks to all those who visited Daughter 2's blog!)


  1. You're going to have terrible trouble saying no to him when you eventually have to, you know. He'll just look at you and you will turn to putty. He's practicing now!

  2. He really is a handsome little fellow! I also like seeing your daughter in the background of the photo, busy with handwork.

  3. He is getting cuter by the day!

  4. He is a dear little bloke.

  5. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Waving right back at you !

  6. He has achieved a great deal in his first 6 months! looking very cute and cheerful for one.
    What is daughter sewing?

  7. Awwww, he's SOOOO CUUUUUTTTEEEE! You must be having a wonderful time with him. I can't believe he's sitting up already -- he'll soon be walking. Watch out Sirius and Cassie!!!

  8. Anonymous10:41 am

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