Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slightly less stress - I think

Well, today was a better day, though the dishwasher chap didn't get back to me. I can live without a dishwasher but it's only a bit over a year old and it shouldn't have broken down in the first place.

And I didn't even mention it yesterday among my other complaints, but on Sunday I noticed that I'd lost a diamond from my engagement ring. This is particularly tedious since I lost a different diamond about eighteen months ago, had to have it replaced (at not insignificant cost) and specifically asked the chap to check the settings of the other ones.

Gah gah gah gah.

Still, on the positive side, my piano teacher is LOVELY, which is a piece of luck since I picked her more or less randomly from the internet, really only because she said on her website that she teaches pupils from 7 to 70, so I felt wouldn't be her very oldest pupil. Also her website seemed well-phrased. Of course, I made a bit of a mess of the tune I'd been practising (so as to show her that I was a worthwhile student). But I knew I would since I was, stupidly, rather nervous. And it didn't really matter.

And Daughter 1 and Grandson came and had coffee with me afterwards (piano teacher lives above a coffee shop, conveniently) and then we came here for the afternoon. He is so delighfully squashy. His t-shirt says, by the way: Ihr seid grosser* aber ich bin lauter (ie You're bigger but I'm louder - his dad has a degree in German).

* Sorry, don't know how to do umlauts on the computer.

And then, also on the positive side, my mum's neighbour phoned up this evening to say that Mum's conservatory door was open, and we all rushed up there expecting that burglars had broken in, smashed the glass, tried to gain entry to the rest of the house etc etc. And it was all fine. The door was indeed open but the lock was locked, leaving Mr Life to conclude that when he'd locked it on Saturday he hadn't actually had it properly clicked shut first. (It's a bit of a funny door.) And it had just swung open but nothing nasty had happened. What a relief, especially since this all made Mum much more cheerful than she'd been before the whole situation arose.

Oh, the excitements of the retired life.


  1. Isabelle, here's the link for putting umlauts and things into text http://www.alt-codes.net/

  2. Oh, poor Isabelle! But grandson makes up for everything! And to add to your stress, did you forget a photograph? Because you said - and then we came here- but assume you don't mean the sofa, lovely though it is! It is just because I love your photographs........... It does show I am paying attention, does 't it?

  3. Anonymous11:48 am

    Would it help to know your blog brings much pleasure to someone who is still working......reminds me that there is much more to life apart from being wrapped up in one's profession ! Yet I do understand the frustration at all those little things seemingly piling up and annyoing us....( and on that note, here's hoping this is legible: I've mislaid my glasses and can barely see what I'm doing ha ha )
    The Friendly Lurker

  4. You might not even see this, as I'm catching up after a few days of not visiting. I sympathise with you for the loss of the diamonds in your ring. That has also happened to me twice. My first 'friendship' ring had two small diamonds from my late mother's engagement ring, and one of them fell out. Years later, the stones had been transplanted into my engagement ring, and one of them fell out of that. Luckily insurance covered the replacements both times...could have been very expensive otherwise.