Sunday, January 29, 2012

Off again

Today we went out to lunch to celebrate Mr Life's retirement. Daughter 2 was up from London and Son came down from Perth. Daughter 1, Son-in-Law 1, Grandson and my mum were there too.
For a short time, Grandson sat in a high chair. He hasn't really worked out about solid food yet but he gave a rice cake a bit of a lick.
He seems just as happy with an empty spoon. And Daughter 2 was happy to cuddle him.
As was Son.
Then I took Daughter 2 to her train while Son and Mr Life went to Ikea to buy furniture for Son's new house. They came back for a cup of tea before Son headed back up north. (The rather horrid green they're leaning against is a cat-proofing blanket rather than my chosen upholstery colour. We remove the blanket when cat-allergic relations are visiting.)
Daughter 2 has recently texted from the train that they've made an unscheduled stop in Newark because the train in front hit a shopping trolley on the line.
(These cable-pinching, trolley-on-line people, I'm trying to tell myself, probably had deprived backgrounds, not enough love from their parents, too much tv or sugar or alcohol and not enough vitamins. But but but but... .)


  1. From our very short ( 6 weeks ) stay in UK, we thought that people seemed to barely take any notice when there was a train delay announcement saying some one had fallen in front of a train. "Oh, no not again, " seemed to be the response.

    We are not so used to that. Reggie Perrin used to have a lot of delays I seem to remember. ( we actually went on his line while there!)

    Lovely family photo. Hope you got one with you in it too?

  2. Oh dear.....poor Daughter2 is not having much luck with her train journeys of late, is she?

  3. Oh, that sweet baby is growing so quickly and is he ever adorable! It sounds like you had a lovely gathering -- everyone looks so happy! Sorry to hear about all the train trouble....

  4. Hooligans.

    (the trolley-on-the-line people, not the people in your last picture)

    Every time I see a photo of your grandson, I just have to smile. How can one not?

  5. grandson looks more and more like his grandfather!

  6. Happy retirement to Mr Life. For a family so spread all over the island you seem to be together remarkably often. Must be the short distances as well as the strong ties.

  7. Hope Mr.Life enjoys his retirement, my hubby has loved his. Looks like you had a good family get together. I'm booking tickets to go see our daughter in April.

  8. You truly have a wonderful (Mr.) life! 8-)

  9. Okay, I have to ask because I have been unable to figure it out - where did you have lunch? It looks lovely!

  10. We had lunch in the Bird Cage in Musselburgh, Lynda. Recommended, though the puddings were slighly disappointing - ok, but not quite as good as they looked.