Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr Life, retired accountant

This was Mr Life's last day as a working man. (Well, apart from the nice little list of retirement tasks I have for him.) Here he is, coming back from work for the final time. Look at that smile on his face.
His assistants had laid on a little extra leaving do, consisting of wine and nibbles. This may have contributed to the slightly glazed look.
The cats have decided to retire in sympathy.
I'm feeling very odd. I can convince myself I'm experiencing a sort of extended college holiday but Mr Life has never had those, poor chap, so this seems a bit different. I need to get used to the fact that we're both retired. And not on huge pensions, either.
Definitely on the home straight now.
(Thank you for all the comments about comments. I'm deep in doing the church magazine at the moment but will digest them in due course.)


  1. What a great day! Mr Life looks very happy as he crosses the threshold into a new stage of life.

    Hoping it all goes well for both of you. My OH goes part time soon so is doing the retirement thing more gradually.

  2. Mr Life looks like he felt what I felt when I retired....a big smile, and a sigh of relief! Enjoy this new stage of your lives together.

  3. the best to both of you on this new stage of your lifes

  4. Does this mean more time for the trains?!
    Hope you both his retirement.

  5. Ahhhh, now there's a happy guy! Congratulations Mr. Life!!!

  6. Mac retired the year ahead of me and took over running the house, that was rather fun. Then when I retired we moved all across the continent and began our retired life together. He has tons of hobbies and I've developed some besides reading and eating chocolate.

  7. Mr. Life looks SO happy! How are you holding up?
    Do have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Oh, the cats are sad because they're also retiring. LOL! Being an accountant is a hectic job but it's full of fun and excitement, too. Choosing this career will make you realize your responsibilities and importance to every business. Mr. Life has surely made everything better, and he will be remembered for his deeds. :)