Monday, January 23, 2012

More bargains

It was Mr Life's retirement do today. They gave him a cake, some books and a cushion - which all feature engines or railways - and a cheque and some wine, which don't. And lots of cards, some train-related and some not.
And they gave me flowers, which was very nice, though I don't feel I've done anything to deserve them.
On Saturday, we had friends for the day - they brought roses.
And yesterday Daughter 1's lovely in-laws visited (hello, Nanny and Gramps) and they brought tulips.
The house is wonderfully floriferous.


  1. Best wishes to Mr Life on his retirement! What gorgeous flowers - your house must look very pretty with all those blooming blooms.

  2. Congratulations to Mr. Life! Clever cake! I'll have a wheel please....And I wish I could smell all those lovely flowers!

  3. Floriferous? Is that a real word? Doesn't matter - I like it anyway!

  4. The flowers for you are to keep you happy when dealing with a retired husband -- home all day.
    Best wishes to Mr Life.

  5. Congrats to Mr. Life on his retirement, and best wishes to you both as you enjoy this new journey. I always think of Miss Read's book A Peaceful Retirement when I read your posts.. she too found that retirement often had her busier than ever.

  6. Congrats to Mr. Life!

    OF COURSE you deserve flowers! Haven't you ever heard the saying, "Behind every successful man..."?

    Own those flowers, girl!

  7. Congratulations and hoping that Mr Life enjoys being retired! I love the train cake.