Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Admiring things

After my piano lesson today (why do I always play so much worse for my teacher than I do for myself, in the privacy of my sitting room? - remind me not to be a concert pianist...) I wandered down beside Bruntsfield Links and admired the crocuses.
Also the view over towards Arthur Seat, our city hill.
I met up with Daughter 1, Grandson and Mr Life for coffee in a bookshop and then we went to our house and spent the day admiring the baby.
My anemones are coming out nicely.
Retirement's not so bad.


Jennifer said...

Pretty flowers.....are they crocus? I always play better when there's no one else around too. Retirement rocks.

Ali Honey said...

You have lovely things to admire. Grandson best, then anemones, then green grass, babbling streams and quite rural scenery. Hope those solar panels are getting some sun too.
Everyone ( speaking here from childhood experience,) plays piano better without an audience, perhaps, unless one is going to excell at it . Just keep practising...if you are enjoying it that is....that's the main objective isn't it? Be happy!

Dartford Warbler said...

Beautiful crocuses. Ours are not nearly so far advanced.

I bet you had more fun than you would have done in front of a class ( although I do miss that sometimes, as I expect you do......).

Little Grandson is a lucky lad to have so many happy hours with you.

Fairlie said...

It sounds like your piano-playing is coming along much faster than mine!

Lesley said...

Lovely crocuses. We have a few snowdrops but nothing else as yet. Can't wait!

Nice to hear you're having fun.

Lesley x

Mac n' Janet said...

I play beautifully when no one is around, but if I try and play for someone I make a mess of it. Sometimes my husband comes in and secretly tapes me playing so I can play it back, if I knew he was doing that I would play awfully.

Desiree said...

I've been reading your blog for some time now, and I love it very much, I missed you over the weekend. I'm so used to your everyday posting. I know I should leave more comments, but most of the time everything has already been said. So please please keep on blogging and I love your photo's.

Stomper Girl said...

Love those crocuses and anenomes. When I have to make my adult tap learners do a step individually so I can check they are doing it right, they all get this look of dread on their face and I explain that I factor in performance anxiety and stress when I watch them do it! I hope that your piano teacher does that too!

Marcheline said...

Not having much success in my search for a jazz piano teacher... sigh....

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