Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stripy shirt

Thank you, Desiree, for your very kind comment! Can't quite remember why I didn't post at the weekend - combination of a lack of time, lack of anything happening and the feeling that I sometimes get along the lines of - why on earth would anyone be interested in my burblings about babies and cats?
He is a very fine baby, though.
Today at Zumba the reed-slim, very bendy young teacher was back again. She's so smily and enthusiastic, punctuating her energetic twistings and dancings with cries of "Hey!" My friend and I, in common with the rest of the class, don't really have the spare breath for any heys. At the beginning of the class, she told us with a huge smile that she was on holiday last week and while away, got engaged. The ring is being made smaller but "I'll show it to you all next week!" So sweet.
Grandson is good at smiling for the camera - I swear that I take so many photos of him that he realises that this is what he's supposed to do - but with my digital camera, there's a delay so I sometimes miss the moment. But this photo shows off his splendid eyelashes.
Proud Granny? Just a bit.


Thimbleanna said...

And PROUD you should be Granny! I love that you post so many photos of him -- I feel like I get to be a part of his life!

Your comments about zumba made me laugh out loud. Our zumba changed to a combo-fit class. Very similar and with NO time for chitchat -- just much gasping for air!

jkhenson said...

I love seeing the photos of the adorable grandson! Love that you are a proud granny! :) I haven't been to a zumba class... worried that I'm too uncoordinated. I'm good at running-nothing more than one foot in front of the other. :) Keep up the lovely posts-and I love the pics! :)

patty said...

they learn so quick. My grands automatically pose when they see my camera! Your little guy is so darn cute, don't stop posting pictures.

Molly said...

I'm sure after another month of zumba-ing you and your friend will be bursting with energy and "Heys!" to spare.....You need to get in tip-top shape anyway to keep up with young Master Smiley once he finds his legs!

Jennifer said...

Sitting up already! Zumba looks like lots of hard work to me, and besides I couldn't stand the music.....for many years I indulged in various types of folk dancing including Scottish country dancing, so I can strathspey with the best of them. But I can't zumba.

Joan said...

Thank you for that gorgeous baby smile, and those darling baby hands and feet!

Relatively Retiring said...

What a great little poser! He shows his eyelashes so professionally.