Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grandson and tag mark 2

Visited Daughter 1 today and took Grandson out for a walk shortly after taking this picture. He has a bit of a cold. He's delicious all the same. I can't get over how soft his skin is, how wide his smile is, how much he bounces up and down with his lovely shrieky giggle.

He's much more interesting than my answers to the set questions will be, so I'll be brief:

Shoplifting - have you ever? Goodness me, no. Far too scared even if I wanted to.

Slapping children - yes or no? Well, no in theory. Can't remember doing it, but...

Shower every day? Never! Hate showers. Bath every day. (Sorry, environment.)

All is fair in love and war - yes or no? No.

Queue jumping - do you? Of course not. I'm British.

Social class barriers in Britain - vanishing or not? Don't think so, or only a bit.

Cap on benefits - yes or no? Hmm. Not sure. Don't think so.

Marmite? Yuck.

Why blog? To communicate.

Tribute bands? yes or no? I have no views. Even original bands - not really.

I won't ask anyone to do this because I know some people don't like to, but here are some questions, if anyone is lacking inspiration and would like to be questioned:

1. What would be your (at least faintly possible) dream job?
2. What era would you like to live in, if not now?
3. What super power would you choose?
4. Would you prefer to be more beautiful or richer?
5. Exactly how tidy are you?


  1. What a dotingly fond grandmother you are! And quite justifiably.
    I laughed at your reply to the queue-jumping question. My recollection of queues in England, was that my daughter and I arrived at a bus stop, and waited for the bus. However we did not stand still but walked around the bus stop. Gradually, as other passengers arrived, we noticed that their behaviour was radically different to ours.
    Although we were obviously the first to have arrived at the bus stop, we had failed to line up in a rigid line.
    Humbly, we asked, 'Is this a queue?' "Yes.' someone rigidly replied. We had failed queuing. Very humbly indeed we took our places at the very end of the queue. It was only then that I recalled George Mikes writing, in "How to be a Alien', that an Englishman would form an orderly queue of one.
    We should have known!

  2. Thanks for taking up the challenge Isabelle.....and of course I never thought you would be a shoplifter!!