Friday, February 17, 2012

Grandson practises his flying

My 100,000th visitor seems to have visited from Mountain View, California at 4.53 am our time, which is 8.53 pm (or possibly one hour different from that) California time. She - as far as I'm aware, most visitors are women, though I suppose I'm judging only by the commenters - arrived on a post entitled "Why I feel a bit weary" and left on one called "Lifting mine eyes" which is about being depressed.
So it looks as if she wasn't really looking for my blog but was looking for a co-tired person... and possibly will never read it again. In which case, I'm waving to her in vain. Ah well. Hello, on the off chance that you might be reading this.
Not, of course, that she's the 100,000th person to read my blog; only the presser of the 100,000th click on it.
Still, it is fairly mindblowing, this blogging thing. I love the idea of all this communication going on, even if some of it is unintentional.
(And just in case you didn't work out that picture, Vladimir Putin was on a Ritz biscuit, and the next line of the song at the top is "Puttin' on the Ritz". Yes, feel free to groan.)


Jennifer said...

Groan.......small boys love flying, I seem to recall.

Ali Honey said...

Just as well I didn't guess then. I was going to say something about crackers.

Fairlie said...

Blogging is indeed a fairly mindblowing thing!

Marcheline said...


the veg artist said...

Didn't get it, but that joke's a cracker!

Lynda said...

The Veg Artist - you would fit in really well in my house!

Stomper Girl said...

He's so bonny, your grandson! ANd I wish you lots of sunshine for your solar panels.