Thursday, February 16, 2012

Snowdrops and Grandson

I found this on my friend Lynda's Facebook page. I don't know if it works outside Britain - apologies if it's unfathomable because of the difference in our brands of groceries. Indeed, it took me several minutes to work out myself. Yes, yes, it's obvious (and funny in a "groan" sort of way) once you understand it.
Mr Life, Daughter 1, Grandson and I went to the Botanics to admire the snowdrops today.
The adults also admired Grandson.
My snowdrops never spread very much except in the middle of my lilac hedge, where I don't so much want them. Colour in one of the little open-sided glasshouses. It's good to feast the eyes on colour at this time of year. Spring is on the way.
(I've just looked at my stats and there have been 99,974 visits. I feel the 100,000th visitor should get a prize or some fireworks or at least a balloon. Maybe a cherry scone?)


  1. Oooh, yes -- a cherry scone. I think I'll just keep leaving and coming back until I hit it LOL!

    Those flowers are so pretty! And I must say -- I don't get that first picture. Will you give a hint?

  2. A cherry scone would be very nice, thank you! Such lovely flowers, I can recognise most of them but it's not cold enough here for some.

  3. The Mof5:37 am

    Snowdrops - one of my favourite flowers. When I was in first year high school I entered a competition to write a poem in Burns stanza and I won the competition with "To a Snowdrop"!
    I think it is the only poem I have ever composed.
    Lovely so see Spring is on its way in Scotland. Here in Western Australia Autumn is on its way and after a week hovering on 40degC it cannot come soon enough!!

    I am also hoping for the cherry scone!

  4. Oh! I think I get it. Don't know who the man is but he is on a Ritz biscuit.
    Send my cherry scone airmail please.
    Love your grandson's smile, he is so cute.

  5. It took me a while but I'm blaming my terrible head cold for the delay. Normally, of course, I would have got it straight away....ahem...

    100,000 visits! It's incredible isn't it. Even 10 years ago, one wouldn't have conceived that ordinary people could command that sort of sweep. I'm only at 40k so I tkae my hat off to you!!

    Lesley xx

  6. Oh I don;t think it is fair that you have all these gorgeous snowdrops and that I have none at all, nor any room for any, even if they could be obtained.
    I am smitten by profound envy. You lucky person. I do so love bulbs.

  7. As I can not eat scones, I would request gluten-free chocolate!

  8. I have just one snowdrop bravely blooming in spite of the cold and snow. Before I went off visiting DD I had geraniums still in bloom as well, but the snow finished them off while I was away. I must try and get out to Anglesey Abbey to see their snowdrops - always a promise that spring isn't so very far away after all. Congratulations on 100,000 visitors!

  9. And there I was thinking it was a Tuc cracker!

  10. Cherry scone would do very nicely. Husband was totally baffled by Mr Putin till I explained - yes, then he groaned!

  11. Obvious?!!! That constitutes subtle wit in our house!!