Thursday, February 09, 2012

The study and The Big Bang

It's been one of those nothing days when the most exciting thing that happens is going to be when we watch two episodes of "The Big Bang Theory". Perhaps I should take this as a sign that I shouldn't post a blog entry today. However...

In my teaching time, such a peaceful day would have seemed a great joy so I shouldn't really complain. But it's a bit scary when you contemplate the day and realise that it's slipped uneventfully away, carrying you slightly closer to the grave. Ah yes, cheerful as usual. We didn't do nothing. I took my mother to and from her Probus club; I made soup; Mr Life and I went to Tesco - where, excitingly for him, he bought himself an Android tablet (I think that's right) with the money collected for him as a leaving present. So at least he's a happy chap. And I'm tidying the study which, when it's done, will give me a sense of satisfaction - though in fact it needs a deeper tidy (a purge of all the drawers and shelves) than it's going to get.

A month or so ago, Mr Life bought the first four series of "The Big Bang Theory" and we're really enjoying it. He'd previously been watching it for some time, but the episodes he found on cable (was it?) tended to be in the wrong order. I occasionally walked through the room where he was watching it but saw only the odd ten minutes at first and didn't get sucked in . But then I did. It's rather pathetic that I really look forward to my daily two episodes a night of BBT, but we must take our pleasures where we can. If you've never seen it, it's about four young scientists who're very clever but in various degrees have their feet some way off the ground; and the girl across the hallway who isn't academic but is much more sensible. Later, other girls come into the story too. It's very amusing - makes fun of geekiness but not in an unkind way.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, this post is an avoidance tactic - back to my study-tidying.

(Oooh, look, paragraph spaces!)


  1. My elder son is Sheldon. Without the science genius bit, sadly. But all the rest is there. I had a trip to BHS with him to buy trousers that was scarily similar to that episode where Penny takes Sheldon to buy a suit. Left to his own devices, First Born too would have bought the blue one with the spangles.

  2. My husband loves the BBT as well. I have been able to resist its pull thus far but fear I may also get sucked in! It does look rather funny.

    Also, I quite enjoyed your guest poster (is that a correct usage?) - when will he be visiting again?

  3. My days seem to just melt away, and I am often left wondering what happened?? Since going to the pool about 3 times a week, I count that as vital activity!
    No tidying as yet..

  4. I so look forward to Thursday nights and TBBT.
    (you may not notice, but I waited until it was over to start reading blogs.....)

  5. Ah, we love the BBT here -- just watched a new episode tonight. And it's serious water cooler talk at work every Friday morning!

    So, do you sing Soft Kitty to little N??? ;-D

  6. Who knew that BBT was the way to world peace? If we all like it so much we must have more in common than one would think to look at the state of the world! When I'm here by myself[most of the time]I hardly turn the TV on, Sunday nights for Downton Abbey being the exception! However, when the OC comes home the TV is on a lot more, and since he is a big BBT fan, I have become a part-time fan too!

  7. I LOVE that show. We make a date to watch it every Thrusday night. When we were taking care of my ill FIL I told him we were going to watch a show about his son and his friends. It soon became his favorite show and he would ask every night if it was time for bang bang. He had a terminal brain tumor and that was the only word he could say for that show. So now I ask my husband if he wants to watch bang band and he has a fond memory of his Daddy.

  8. My husband and I watch the show together, also, he being a "nerdy" sort of fellow, but a computer-type instead of the scientist. I even have a shirt that says "bazinga" on it, too. ;) Glad to picture you chuckling! :) Eeew, organizing the study. ;)