Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuesday morning walk

After my piano lesson today, Mr Life came and met me. We had coffee in the coffee shop below my teacher's flat and then walked home. We crossed the canal and saw some new flats with berths for boats.
Later we walked through Roseburn Park along beside the burn (little stream).
This house has a little seating platform at the end of its garden, just above the burn, presumably so that the occupants can sit and watch the wildlife - not to say the people in the park.
We watched a squirrel running along from tree to tree to tree to tree. I took some photos but running squirrels don't make good subjects for one's phone camera. So this is just a picture of the burn.
I don't think that my photo of these birds - a male and female mallard and a female goosander - is going to win any prizes for wildlife photography.
This photo of one and a half goosanders, not taken by me, is considerably better. Not to say very cute.
The house which has the seat beside the water at the end of its garden is one of these houses on the right. You wouldn't guess the existence of the burn and the park if you didn't know, would you? This is the main road into the centre of town.
All in all, we decided that the way we spent our morning was possibly more fun than working.


  1. Definitely more fun than working on such a bright, cold blue morning! The park looks beautiful in the winter sunshine.

  2. Compared to the weather we're hearing about in other parts of Europe Edinburgh looks very tolerable! That little chick looks just like his Mama!

  3. hWhat is the origin of the canal/burn? The photos show a very rural aspect.
    It is a gladdening experience to encounter wildlife and natural growth.
    And how is the piano playing progressing?

  4. There's something very soothing about gently trickling water, isn't there?

  5. awww, that one and a half goosander is adorable.

    I rather like where that house with the lookout over the burn is situated - you have the best of both worlds literally on your doorstep. Urban out front, rural out back.

  6. What kind of piano lessons are you taking?

    I took classical lessons from kindergarten through high school, but that was more than twenty years ago. I've been thinking about taking jazz piano lessons lately, but haven't gotten down to it just yet.