Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well, look. The sun shone for most of the day so we must have made - oh - about four pounds from our solar panels. In about forty years we may have got back the money we spent on them - though actually my mother sits with an electric heater on all day so... . Still, I hope the environment is grateful.
And when I looked at the garden seat where our electrician ("I'm a chubby chap") sat to admire the panels, I see that he's broken one of the struts. Another little retirement task for Mr Life.
I made cherry scones for my mum's visitor. I don't think I've ever put cherries in my scones before but I'd run out of sultanas and actually, cherries are nicer. Especially eaten slightly warm, with butter.
That was after I'd been to Zumba, where we had a substitute teacher who was enthusiastic to the point of being manic. I've been too tired to do much for the rest of the day, which is possibly not the point of the whole thing. Still, it must have worked off enough calories to make up for the cherry scone I ate. You think?
It's all a matter of balancing things out, isn't it? Solar panels to make up for electric heaters. Garden seats made suitable for chubby chaps. Zumba to compensate for scones.
And that's my attempt to get a theme out of the three disparate photos I took today.
And also my attempt to create artificial paragraph spaces by typing *.


Thimbleanna said...

Excellent job of tying it all together! When I started my aerobics/zumba/yoga classes I thought for sure I'd lose some weight. Instead, I just eat more goodies. Works for me! ;-D

Lesley said...

Lovin' the ***

I'm sure you've tried lots re the paragraph thing but I may as well mention this in case it helps. When I've had trouble with it, I switch between the "Compose" and the "HTML" button in New Post and that sometimes works. I couldn't tell you which way round is better only that I sometimes try it in the other setting and find that it will produce paragraph breaks and the correct font and text size.

Lesley x

libby said...

I really quite fancy it any good d'you think....although I really quite fancy lots of scones too so perhaps I shan't bother...

Lynda said...

There is very little in life which is not improved by being warmed and served with butter, in my experience.

Gina E. said...

I don't make scones very often (not worth the effort with just two of us who are supposed to be watching our diet), but when I do, it is the lemonade and cream method. I have been known to add sultanas and dates to the mix, but cherries? What a great idea!

Gina E. said...

Forgot to add some bits to my first panels abound here in Oz as you can imagine, but it just as expensive here which is why we don't have them yet. I've been told that they don't actually need all the sunlight we have here to work efficiently; apparently as long as you have daylight, it is enough, regardless of whether the sun is shining through the clouds or not.