Sunday, February 26, 2012


My anemones are nearly finished now, but their jewel brightness has become almost transparent - very beautiful.
We visited Daughter 1 and cuddled Grandson. Here he is with Daughter 2. He was a bit less cheery than normal if not entertained.
This is him looking a bit thoughtful and thumb-sucky. Maybe he was also self-conscious because he was modelling the hat that Daughter 1 has just finished knitting for herself.
In the evening, his first tooth began to appear, which I imagine accounts for his unwonted solemnity.
I'm feeling thumb-sucky myself because Daughter 2 has returned to London. Also Sirius Cat is sitting on my right hand, which makes typing and mouse-use rather tricky. So I shall go and practise my (very difficult) ragtime piano music. Might as well be thoroughly miserable. (Well, it's difficult for me. Scott Joplin could probably have played it with cats sitting on both of his hands.)


Annie said...

It's always a bit flat when they go away again, isn't it? Son and lovely DIL have just gone home again after visiting for the weekend so it feels a bit empty round here once again. Can't even begin to play piano, with or without cats, so I'll go back to the baby knitting. As in, knitting for the baby rather than actually knitting one :)

Jennifer said...

Your anemones still have a little life left - they are very pretty! Grandson doesn't look too bad in his mum's hat.

Lesley said...

You may be feeling thumb-sucky but the giggle factor was high in your post and the comments to it so you've cheered ME up!! I like the thought of Scott Joplin with cats attached to his hand trying to play up a storm... and I also liked the concept of baby knitting!

Lesley xx

Marcheline said...

I never developed an affinity for ragtime pieces... they always sound awful when you're just learning them, and I don't very much like them even when they're played by the pros. I'm still looking for a jazz piano teacher, but meanwhile am sticking to the classical.

Mac n' Janet said...

My cat frequently plays piano with me and slips in sometimes late at night to have a little practice on her own.