Sunday, February 05, 2012

No snow

I don't want to boast, but while much of Britain appears to be covered in snow, we look like this. Green. And it's mildish.
The winter hasn't been very cold at all. Yet. Here's a rose, still blooming.
Our crab apple tree: leafless but against a blue sky.
We went for a walk. There's our city hill, Arthur's Seat. I love it so much. The shape of it is engraved into my brain. Whenever we've been away and come back by car, it's such a good feeling to see it in the distance and know that we're nearly home.
In Daughter 2's blog (I have no idea why that's come out so long) she posted pictures of snow near her and said both "I love snow" and "I love winter". I was astonished to hear this. I've known her for 31 and a half years and didn't know that she was particularly fond of either. I taxed her with this. (Oops. I meant 30 and a half. Sorry: brain-to-finger malfunction.)
"Well, I mean," she said, "that I love going out in nice snow in my site boots and crunching about a bit and then going in and sitting on a sofa in a warm room."
A fine example, dear readers, of why you should ever believe all that you read in blogs.


  1. Edinburgh is so beautiful this year! Oh to see a rose blooming at the beginning of we received our first major storm of 15 inches in the city. It has been mild here as well but no roses!

    Odd how our children can surprise us, isn't it? I tend to agree with her about the puttering about a bit in warm boots and gloves and then quickly returning to a warm couch and a cup of cocoa or coffee!

  2. Argh. That should have been "February" of course and an added bit about it having been mild here until the storm. My apologies!

  3. green and mild, not what I would have expected compared to the storms and cold weather that has been covering Europe. It's certainly made the news here.

  4. Eighteen (and a half) Inches was the official snowfall for our fair city during the three day storm that finally stopped yesterday morning ... but today?!? today the sky was a glorious blue with blazing sunshine that hurt my eyes ... i don't think the temperature ever reached beyond freezing, but the sky was beautiful and the snow is already down from 5 foot drifts to 3 foot drifts...

    p.s. - people who love snow don't have to shovel it

  5. I'd like to point out that I'm only 30 and a half! Still got lots of snow today round the flat, though not down here by the Thames where it has mostly melted.

  6. and mildish in Edinburgh, snowy, icy and flipping freezing in Rome!! Not sure what to make of this. The Romans seemed similarly perplexed so shut everything down to have a ponder.....