Sunday, December 18, 2011

44 years ago today... and now...

Today: two little notebooks. For notes.

Another penguin and another part of the message. Thank you again, Daughter 2.

It's amazing to think that the last time we decorated the Christmas tree, Mr Life and I didn't even suspect the existence of Grandson. And here he is, looking up at the coloured baubles.

He came to visit today while Daughter 1 went Christmas shopping. We had him for about four hours - by far the longest that she's ever been parted from him. We took great care of him. He met this Santa, which I bought when Daughter 1 was only a few months older than he is now.

He liked Santa.

Of course we had to put Santa's hat on him.

Son tapped on our bedroom window at about 8.30 this morning, having driven down after taking his young lady to work. (He couldn't get into the house because there was a chain on the door.) So that was a nice surprise. Here he is, feeding Grandson with milk that Daughter 1 had expressed for her baby. The pair of them just sat there, relaxed, having a nice time together. I found it very sweet. If odd.

It's 44 years today since Mr Life and I first went out together. Who knew that it would lead to the above...?

Life is sometimes a bit astonishing.


  1. Awwww, your post brought a tear to my eye Isabelle! Life is an incredibly amazing thing, isn't it? I'm always in awe when I think back over the previous year -- the things, like you say, that we didn't even suspect at this time last year.

    Your Mum looks good -- and very happy to be with the baby. There's nothing like a baby around to cheer you up, is there?

  2. 44 years, what a great anniversary to be celebrating! All the changes that have come to your lives in that time have been amazing, and now the newest generation is here too.

  3. I do love these snapshots into your life - you seem to have created a good one in those 44 years, and peopled it with lovely folk. That's some achievement, you know.

  4. Very happy anniversary. That was a lucky meeting!

  5. Happy anniversary, and yes, life is pretty amazing, and it passes so quickly!

  6. Yes, Happy first meeting Anniversary. Strangely R and I will have been married for 44 years in 3 days time on Friday 23rd December.( 1967 was a good Year! )

  7. A Christmas romance! How sweet....And it is indeed amazing how one thing leads to another in a long chain of events, and how different it all might have been if even one link was different! It is my turn now to envy you! I think you have seen little grandson more in his short life than I have seen all five of our grandchildren over the nine years since the eldest was born!