Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cassie's heat lamp

And still the penguin drift westward continues. An Antarctic hedgehog wanders across to see where they're going.

A message is beginning to emerge.


We love you too, Daughter 2 (and the others).

In the evening, Cassie discovered the principle of the heat lamp.

She decided that she really liked it.

As I may have mentioned, I occasionally watch daytime tv while doing some boring household task such as making soup. I quite like those antique programmes which involve auctions. Auctioneers' styles seem to vary: persuasive, formal, charming etc.

Today's chap was rather assertive. The bidding was slow. "Come on now!" he barked. Then a little later, "Now madam, make another bid - it's only money." And finally, "Only £80! Good grief!"


  1. I like watching those Antique shows too. I would never dare to attend an auction, or make any bids, though.

  2. I watch the last 15 minutes of Bargain Hunt sometimes to see if the reds or blues will ever make a profit. If they do, it is paltry in the extreme considering the effort that it took to buy overpriced tat from canny stall holders. The auction house commission is always glossed over too.

  3. Daytime Tv watching is considered a cardinal sin by husband, so I wait till he's somewhere else in the house! Last time I went to the local flea fair they were filming 'Put your money where your mouth is' and I'm sure I wandered past on at least three shots, so I'll have to look out for that edition.

  4. In my house, we call the lamp on the filing cabinet "the tanning salon" because of the cats.

    It's my birthday! Come by my blog and party! 8-)

  5. And I suppose the arctic hedgehog climbed out from beneath the arctic evergreen tree???? Oh, and speaking of you penguins -- you mentioned the pandas at the zoo -- have you been to see them yet? (Is your zoo open in the winter? Our closes from October to May.)