Monday, December 19, 2011

What Cassie did and what Cassie did next

Mr Life enjoys his breakfast. Cassie complains that the kitchen is a bit chilly so she'll just share his body warmth. Maybe she also feels that the cupboards are a bit old-fashioned to set off her elegant fluffiness.

Look, another small iceberg (at the front left).

Some chocolate Christmas puddings. Very delicious, thank you, Daughter 2.

Cassie finds a kitten. Is she going to be motherly?

She gathers it towards her. Aww!

She licks it. I choose to interpret this as affectionate behaviour rather than as a preliminary to eating it.

Nothing much happened today (oh, you guessed?). I went up town and had difficulty finding things that I was sure would be good Christmas presents so came home with only two books for Grandson. That's one of the problems of having grown-up, scattered children - they probably need stuff but it's hard to know what.

Still - another five days to go. Maybe inspiration will strike...


  1. Inspiration hasn't yet struck here either.......

  2. Inspiration's been a bit lacking here, too. Off to make mince pies whilst I wait for that special Christmas feeling to kick in.

  3. That's why I'm glad my daughter has an Amazon wish list, I don't always buy the things on the list but it gives me ideas of the things she might like..

  4. It's so difficult to shop for grown-up children, and it's not so much fun if they tell you what to get either. But isn't it nice to have a grandchild to buy presents for?